From B to B

Thomas Hauert & Angels Margarit, 2011

From B to B is a physical, musical and linguistic dialogue between dancers and choreographers Thomas Hauert and Àngels Margarit.

From B to B proposes a collaboration between Thomas Hauert and Catalonian choreographer Àngels Margarit. “From B to B” evokes a journey between Brussels and Barcelona as well as the Point B to which each of the two artists had arrived, by way of their own unique paths, from Point A of a hypothetical clean slate. One could say that the principle theme of From B to B is communication: the will to approach the other, to understand and share their world – or the impossibility to arrive at such an understanding. The performance poses questions about “translation,” a filter inevitably placed on all modes of communication. To Thomas and Àngels, the two initial and most important elements of the piece, a third is added: the language that unites (and separates) them. The choreographers called upon “verbivore” Màrius Serra. Departing from the words “Thomas” and “Àngels” he created a doublet that became the through-line of the performance. A game, a chain of words born of the wish to make the piece’s creators meet through language, acting as a structure on which they attach their past and present.

Swiss Dance Awards 2013.

Created and performed by Thomas Hauert and Àngels Margarit
Lighting Jan Van Gijsel
Musical creation Joan Saura
Doublets and double acrostics Màrius Serra
Other texts Thomas Hauert and Àngels Margarit
Costumes Rosa Codina
Props Pere Milán
Sound Marc Ases
Rehearsal Assistant Isabel López
Executive Producer Dominique Bernat
Production ZOO/Thomas Hauert, Àngels Margarit/cia Mudances
Co-production Festival GREC, Barcelona (ES- / La Bâtie Festival, Geneva (CH)

22 July 2011
Festival GREC Barcelona (ES)
23 July 2011
Festival GREC Barcelona (ES)
24 July 2011
Festival GREC Barcelona (ES)
12 August 2011
13 September 2011
14 September 2011
6 October 2011
7 October 2011
8 October 2011
9 October 2011
11 March 2012
30 August 2012
Internationale Tanzmesse nrw Düsseldorf (DE)
14 November 2012
Tanz in Olten Olten (CH)
17 November 2012
ADN - Hiver de Danses Neuchâtel (CH)
18 November 2012
ADN - Hiver de Danses Neuchâtel (CH)
26 January 2013
Kaaitheater Brussels (BE)
27 January 2013
Kaaitheater Brussels (BE)
5 February 2013
Le Fanal Saint-Nazaire (FR)
7 February 2013
Swiss Dance Days Basel (CH)
1 March 2013
3 May 2013
Charleroi Danses Charleroi (BE)
4 May 2013
Charleroi Danses Charleroi (BE)
21 May 2013
Pôle Sud Strasbourg (FR)
6 June 2013
Gdansk Dance Festival Gdansk (PL)
26 March 2014
19 April 2014
BIPOD Festival Beirut (LB)
22 May 2014
23 May 2014
10 October 2014
L’Octogone Pully (CH)
14 April 2015
14 August 2016
La Caldera Barcelona (ES)