Lobster Caravan

P.A.R.T.S, 2004

Lobster Caravan is a choreography by Thomas Hauert with the 4th year students at P.A.R.T.S./Brussels, with music by Michel Debrulle and Rêve d’Eléphant Orchestra. The piece is based on several systems that connect the dancers movements with each other. Some of them are geometric, organizing the trajectories and directions, others are creating links between people in time or in movement qualities, others again are connecting through touch, here the communication is happening on a tactile level. And of course there is the music.

Choreography Thomas Hauert
Created & danced by Lieve De Pourcq, Gilles Fumba, Domenico Giustino, Kaya Kolodziejczyk, Frauke, Mariën, Zsuzsa Rozsavölgyi, Kajsa Sandstrom, Manon Santkin, Eléonore Valére, Gabor Varga, Joshua Zimmerman
Music by Rêve d’Elephant Orchestra: Pierre Bernard, Laurent Blondiau, Michel Debrulle, Jozef Dumoulin, Michel Massot, Etienne Plumier, Stephan Pougin
Lighting design Benoît Theron
Sound Christine Verschoren
Costumes Nathalie Douxfils, Lieve Meeussen
Production Collectif du Lion asbl
Executive producer Margarita Production
Coproduction ZOO/Thomas Hauert, Brussels (BE) / Jazz sous les Pommiers, Coutances (FR) / Les Tombées de la Nuit, Rennes (FR) / P.A.R.T.S., Brussels (BE)

27 February 2004
28 May 2004
Stadsschouwburg - Leuven 3000 Leuven (BE)
2 June 2004
WP Zimmer Antwerpen (BE)
4 June 2004
WP Zimmer Antwerpen (BE)
11 June 2004
16 June 2004
Halles de Schaerbeek Brussels (BE)
17 June 2004
Halles de Schaerbeek Brussels (BE)
18 June 2004
Halles de Schaerbeek Brussels (BE)
19 June 2004
Halles de Schaerbeek Brussels (BE)
30 June 2004
International Theatre School Festival - RITS Brussels (BE)
21 September 2004
De Brakke Grond Amsterdam (NL)
25 September 2004
CC. Alsemberg - De Meent Alsemberg (BE)