Mopa, 2013

Initiated by Juan Luis Matilla’s company Mopa in Sevilla and produced by the dance festival Itálica, Acostumbrismo is a collective piece by four artists on stage and four artists invited during the creation process, among which Thomas Hauert. Starting from a pictorial artwork by Manuel León Moreno, it looks back at the Spanish 19th movement of costumbrismo from the point of view of a globalized world where local traditions are packaged as goods.

A collective creation starting from a pictorial and conceptual artwork of Manuel León Moreno
Creators on stage Clara Tena, Élida Dorta, Juan Luis Matilla, Fran Torres
Creators invited during the process Manuel León Moreno, Thomas Hauert, Juan Domà­nguez, Roberto Martà­nez
Musical direction Daniel Alonso
Sound design and technique Javier Mora
Costumes Andrés González y Ellavled Alcano
Production assistant and video Guillermo Sánchez (ZEMOS98)
Light design and technique Benito Jiménez
Video and graphic design Daniel Alonso
Photography Celia Macà­as
Production Mopa
Co-production Festival Italica, Sevilla

9 July 2013
10 July 2013