Regarding the Area between the Inseparable

P.A.R.T.S, 2010

In 2010 Thomas Hauert was invited by P.A.R.T.S to create a piece for the Training Cycle students of the school. Regarding the Area between the Inseparable is a performance for 13 dancers with music by Claude Debussy and Salvatore Sciarrino, performed live by musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra of La Monnaie. It was presented in March 2010 as part as “danceXmusic”, a four nights program set up by P.A.R.T.S and La Monnaie in the framework of the Ars Musica festival.

Regarding the Area between the Inseparable is truly the work of an ensemble. Creating connections being the main focus. Connections within one body, between bodies, to the music. Spatial connections and connections in time. Static and dynamic. The choreographic score is an improvisational one. None of the movement is set. Certain movement qualities and ways to relate to the other performers, the music and the space have been developed in the creation process. The interactions are inspired by an extreme state of sensitivity and concentration combined with creativity, musicality and physicality. The microcosm the dance is proposing is being structured by three music pieces: Danse sacrée (Claude Debussy), Le ragioni delle conchiglie (Salvatore Sciarrino), Danse profane (Claude Debussy). The score of the two dances by Debussy indicates for them to be played linked to each other. The sacred ending on a suspended harmony flowing seamlessly into the profane, subtly suggesting that there might be no sharp distinction between the two. For my piece I wanted to extend that moment of suspension, to look at this area of transition under a microscope as it were. For this purpose I inserted Salvatore Sciarrino’s Le ragioni delle conchiglie between Debussy’s two dances. With its extremely subtle, at times almost inaudible shades of sounds it creates a great intimacy that is here used dramaturgically for Sciarrino’s music to appear as the ‘close up’ of Debussy’s suspended note. That one note symbolically contains the textures and colors of both pieces, or better of both halfs that form the unity of the sacred and the profane (dance).

Choreography & direction: Thomas Hauert
Dance created & presented by: Nicholas Aphane, Salka Ardal Rosengren, Fanny Brouyaux, Stanislav Dobak, Anneleen Keppens, Thibault Lac, Steven Michel, Guo Rui, Peter Savel, Maria Silva, Marco Torrice, Anaïs Van Eycken & Stav Yeini
Music: Claude Debussy, Danse sacrée et Danse profane, 1904 (10 min); Salvatore Sciarrino, Le Ragioni delle conchiglie, 1986 (15 min)
Musicians: Michel Poskin (vl), Fasli Kamberi (vl), Tony Nys (vla), Geert de Bièvre (vc), Zsolt Czetner (pf) & Letizia Belmondo (hp)
Production: P.A.R.T.S., La Monnaie and Ars Musica

11 March 2010
12 March 2010
3 July 2010
Dansand! Oostende (BE)