More or less sad songs


Continuation of musical and physical processes that ZOO had started developing in Pop-Up Song Book, Do You Believe in Gravity? Do You Trust the Pilot, Verosimile and Common Senses, More or less sad songs was a research step in the development of Walking Oscar (2006).

The six performers of this movement-based sung piece worked with the singing teacher Rahel Studer and the pianist Alejandro Petrasso. They performed existing songs and developed musical and movement material to be explored further in Walking Oscar. The production was simple and localized. More or less sad songs was shared with an audience as part of a work process rather than presented as a formalized performance.

By and with Thomas Hauert, Martin Kilvady, Sara Ludi, Chrysa Parkinson, Samantha van Wissen, Mat Voorter
Piano Alejandro Petrasso
Text Oscar van den Boogaard
Voice coaching Rahel Studer
Production ZOO/Thomas Hauert
In collaboration with NADINE, Brussels
Thanks to RITS-Erasmus Hogeschool, OWN, Mark Lorimer

16 June 2005
NADINE Brussels (BE)
17 June 2005
NADINE Brussels (BE)
18 June 2005
NADINE Brussels (BE)
19 June 2005
NADINE Brussels (BE)