Mono Duos


Mono Duos is a proposition from Thomas Hauert based on one of the main choreographic elements featuring in MONO, a group piece for eight dancers and a viola player created in 2013: the exploration of the mechanics of bodies in contact with one another.

In Mono Duos two bodies form a single unit nevertheless directed by two centres of control and of creation of movement. The bodies apply and let themselves be guided by the laws of physics: the forces, resistance, anatomical functions, levers etc. They move continuously while simultaneously involving several forms of multi-directional interactions. Out of the initiatives and their negotiations emerges a new creature that has its own logic of movement. Created for presentations in unconventional venues and settings, this performance intentionally seeks out a closeness between the dancers and the audience. At La Bâtie festival in Geneva in 2016, Mono Duos maintain an unusual dialogue with guest artist John Adams and the Ensemble Contrechamps: wearing earphones, spectators choose the music they want to see the dance on, while in the rooms of MAC’s at Grand-Hornu, the performance converse with visual art works presented in the “My Body is a Cage” exhibition.

Concept & direction Thomas Hauert
Created & performed by Thomas Hauert, Fabian Barba, Liz Kinoshita, Sarah Ludi, Albert Quesada, Gabriel Schenker, Mat Voorter
Costume Chevalier-Masson
Production ZOO/Thomas Hauert
Coproduction Festival de Genève – La Bâtie (CH), Mac’s Musée des Arts Contemporains de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE)
Support Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la danse / Pro Helvetia – Fondation suisse pour les arts / Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie / Ein Kulturengagement des Lotterie-Fonds des Kantons Solothurn / Wallonie-Bruxelles International

4 September 2016
11 September 2016
18 September 2016
25 September 2016
23 March 2017
24 March 2017
25 March 2017
21 May 2017
30 June 2019
Museo Vincenzo Vela Ligornetto (CH)
17 December 2022